UIA Commitment

Innovate, Scale, Diffuse graph

Through such innovations as predictive analytics, proactive advising, strategic financial interventions, and technology-enhanced adaptive learning, individual institutions have each already met with success. If these same innovations are scaled across the eleven member institutions, thousands more students would remain enrolled, improve their academic performance, and graduate with significant cost savings.

Our collaborative strategy is led and championed by the presidents and chancellors of UIA member institutions, who are committed to:

  • Identifying new solutions to improve student success;
  • Scaling proven interventions from campus to campus; and
  • Communicating and sharing what works and how.

At the launch of the Alliance in 2014, the members collectively committed to graduating an additional 68,000 students by 2025 (at least half of whom will be low- income graduates). Today, the Alliance is on track to exceed that goal, with the latest forecast demonstrating that the 11 universities will graduate nearly an additional 100,000 students by 2025. Since the launch, the UIA has also scaled the use of predictive analytics across the campuses; established student success teams on all campuses; deployed an innovative new staffing model to ensure that campuses have the capacity to drive and sustain change; and has launched the largest-ever impact study of student advising.

By working as an innovation cluster, the University Innovation Alliance will create a playbook of proven innovations to help students from all family backgrounds graduate. We will show what works across institutions and at scale, and we’re going to help spread these innovations nationally. For universities, this means spending less time on unproven strategies. For students, this means universities will work even harder for your success and lower the costs of a degree.