Overview of the UIA

The University Innovation Alliance is dedicated to expanding opportunities and improving our nation’s economic potential by helping more students from all socioeconomic backgrounds graduate from one of our nation’s leading public research universities. Our eleven member institutions are working together to develop, scale, and share innovative solutions that help students overcome academic, financial, and personal obstacles to success and earn a high-quality college degree from a major research university.

By virtue of their continuous pursuit of innovation, UIA member institutions are preparing students to graduate with the advanced skills necessary to thrive in the contemporary workforce. In a global economy that values applied knowledge, students from every background can benefit from the opportunity to learn from professors at world-class research universities who are advancing

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In September 2014, Iowa State University officially joined the University Innovation Alliance (UIA). ISU’s participation in the UIA advances the university’s Strategic Plan¹ (FY 2017-2022) Goal #1, specifically pertaining to the following subgoal:

  • Continuously increase retention and graduation rates for all students while closing the gaps in student success (as measured by retention and graduation rates) between student subpopulations (race/ethnicity, income, first generation, nationality, ability, and gender)

¹ The strategic plan that sets the university’s course over the next six years became official July 18, 2016 with approval from the state Board of Regents.


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