Data Symposium

Closing the Achievement Gap at Iowa State University

What do we know? What have we done? What have we learned?

Our inaugural data symposium reinforced Iowa State’s commitment to student success, with a special focus on leveraging best practices across the university to close the gaps in persistence and completion among underrepresented students.

Data Symposium

Resources from the 2018 Data Symposium

Dr. Bridget Burns
Executive Director, University Innovation Alliance

View Dr. Bridget Burns’ slides (pdf)

View Dr. Bridget Burns’ Keynote Presentation (YouTube)

Campus Data Snapshot:
Iowa State’s progress towards improving outcomes among underrepresented students

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(Note: It is suggested that you use the script in concert with the slides, as they will explain the images and statistics in the slides far better than the slides themselves will be able to demonstrate.)

This convening was a collaborative effort between the Divisions of Academic & Student Affairs, sponsored by the Iowa State Student Success Council and Iowa State’s University Innovation Alliance (UIA) team